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Sala de té dónde comentar la trayectoria y trabajo de Emilie Autumn, la más distinguida de entre los dementes de este manicomio.
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 EA en la prensa 2004-2006 (actualizado el 29/01/11)

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Dosis de litio : 147
Edad : 41
Manicomio de : The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
Fecha de ingreso : 04/11/2008

MensajeTema: EA en la prensa 2004-2006 (actualizado el 29/01/11)   Dom Ago 01, 2010 9:31 pm

- en violeta, las publicaciones de cuyos originales carezco-

Interview (EE.UU), abril de 2004 -extracto de la entrevista con Courtney Love, en el recuadro rosa, donde habla de EA-:

Interview Magazine (EE.UU), octubre de 2004, fue probablemente la primera revista en la que salió EA:

De febrero de 2005 es esta revista holandesa llamada Elf Fantasy Magazine, la cual aún no he podido encontrar, aunque estoy de camino. Inora, del foro oficial, ha sido tan maja de mandarme una foto:

Citación :
Emilie Autumn:
Faerie Queen and violinvirtuoso

- By Jasmijn Dekker

Violinist and singer Emilie Autumn combines Medieval and Celtic sounds with a modern beat. On stage she ‘becomes’ her alter ego, the Faerie Queen, a bizar mix of a faerie queen and a cyberpunkgirl. Emilie herself describes her wayward style ‘fantasy rock’.

Classical training:
Since age four, Emilie (1979) has been trained for a life as concertviolinist. At several conservatories she was taught not only how to play the violin, but also how to play several other musical instruments and how to compose music. She also studied many styles, from Jazz to Baroque and Bach. During her teenage years she toured through Europa, but when passing into her twenties she had had quite enough of the Classical melodies and started creating her own style of music, in which you can hear influences like gypsy music and Celtic violin playing.

Do if yourself:
At the age of eightteen she decides she doesn’t want to be lead anymore by slick recording companies and founds one of her own, appropriately named Traitor Records. ‘Frankly I didn’t think they knew more about music’, Emilie says about this step. She’s got a lot of confidence in her muffins and even gives the oppurtunity to download her album from her website: ‘My muffins are true musiclovers, and they proved to me time by time that they will buy my CD if they like it, even when they’ve already got the downloaded version!’ To assist indepentent artists, she’s currently writing a book, titled ‘How To Be An Indie Queen’.

The delicate singer made her fairywings her trademark. Adorned with wings full of crystals, a tightly laced corset, lenghty hair-extensions and a Victorian neck-decoration she gives shape to her alterego: the ‘Faerie Queen’. She designes her own attire all by herself in her sewing room; she was taught the trade by her mother who was a costumedesigner.
In the Traitor Records webshop she sells her own designed clothes, buttons and beauty products. On Emilie’s forum (http://www.emilieautumn.com) she teaches a course on how to make fairywings and some muffins show their creations; certainly worth the visit.

About Enchant | $11,99
For sale through http://www.traitor-records.com

From the first sounds of the fairylike CD Enchant you know this is something special. Emilie Autumn combines the vocal expressions from Tori Amos with the mysterious violin playing by Loreena McKennit. Sometimes the computergenerated tunes sound a bit kitchy, but you forgive her at the moment her clear violin playing sounds. The lyrics are often delightfully melancholic, like in the Kate Bush-esque Castle Down, but she also shows some girlpower with Chambermaid, in which she wants her boyfriend to stop behaving like a ‘lord’. One notices by the many styles of the album (from Folk to Rock and Jazz), that Emilie is still searching for her own style. This sometimes makes the album a bit chaotic, but on the whole this tastes like more. Emilie is a busy bee, she’s part of Courtney Love’s band and the Renaissance group Ravensong, hopefully she’ll soon have time for some new solowork!

Buzz (EE.UU), junio de 2006:

Orkus (Alemania), septiembre de 2006:

Orkus (Alemania), noviembre de 2006:

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EA en la prensa 2004-2006 (actualizado el 29/01/11)
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